ISSUE 000 - Born out of odd Circumstances

ISSUE 000 - Born out of odd Circumstances

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Across the world, we find ourselves in a common landscape that - barely a year ago - only a few scientists and science-fiction enthusiasts could have imagined. Our reality is the stuff of post-apocalyptic fantasy, except there has been no apocalypse, and there is no ‘post’. We are living through precedented unprecedented times - the stuff we had relegated to fiercely-repressed history, only for it to emerge chaotic amid a new strain of technology, travel and international transportation.

When years of global expansion concertina into the four walls of our too-frequently unstable homes within weeks, where do our minds go? Our bodies can stay trapped at home: that much is, if not relatively easy, relatively enforceable. But our minds, our creativity, and our ever-expansive imaginations, cannot.

In our first print issue, we talk about diversity in media production and the disruption of digitisation on the contemporary art market, about the fluctuating boundaries of subcultures and the inescapable nature of crime, about self-perception and oppressive external influences.

FEATURED ARTISTS Stefan Hunt, James J Robinson, Laura Gerte, Li Ya Wen, Lunga Ntila, Gabber Eleganza, Robuche, Camilla Louisa, Shayan Sajadian, Person918x, Marjan Moghaddam, Bakunista Sect

CONTRIBUTORS Jacopo Borrini, Marius Thielmann, Rebecca Took, Miriam Partington, Nadine Toussaint, Arne Grugel